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Designed, built and manufactured by state of art, research based techniques.

koupal is a team of experts. Here all the steps of producing setups, from designing and building different parts of setup to final manufacturing are done by people who are experienced in both academic and industrial aspects.

Collaboration with top universities of Iran

In koupal we are privileged to work with the best minds of academic world in petroleum engineering in Iran. Professors from Sharif University of technology, University of Tehran and Ahwaz petroleum university of Technology are all helping us to achieve the best quality in setup manufacturing.

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Our Services

Routine Experiments

  • Core Plugging
  • Core Cleaning
  • Thin Section
  • Soxhlet Purification
  • And More ...

RCAL Experiments

  • Porosity Measurement
  • Permeability Measurement
  • IFT Measurement
  • Contact Angle Measurement
  • And More ...

SCAL Experiments

  • Rel. Permeability
  • HPHT IFT/Contant Angle
  • Asphaltene Extraction
  • Contact Angle Measurement
  • And More ...

EOR Experiments

  • Low Salinity Injection
  • Smart Water Injection
  • Amout Cell Measurement
  • Micro Model Tests
  • And More

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Pouria Malmir


Petroleum University of Engineering
Shiraz University
Sharif University of Technology

Sadegh Mousapour


Sahand University of Technology
Sharif University of Technology
Sharif University of Technology

Amin Jafarlou


Tehran University
Sharif University of Technology

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